450 Clam Griddle


The Vizu latched clam griddle is ideal for either temporary, unskilled staff or the most demanding of head chefs. For anyone who requires the same high quality product consistently, the new Vizu clam delivers. The clam has a whole host of great features, such as simultaneous top and bottom cooking, automatically lifting top cooking plate with non-stick sheet and audible alarm, easy to use ‘one-touch’ programmable Fastron controller, and easy to clean built-in grease trays.

Cooking times:

Burgers: A 2oz Burger can be cooked from frozen in 60 seconds, so with 10 burgers per load you can produce 180-200 burgers per hour.

Chicken Fillets: A chicken fillet can be cooked from fresh or thawed in 2 minutes 30 seconds, and with 10 per load you can produce 120-140 fillets per hour.

Bacon Rashers: Bacon Rashers can be cooked in only 40 seconds, so with 10 back or 22 streaky bacon rashers per load, you can produce 300-500 bacon rashers per hour.

Gammon Steaks: A gammon steak can be cooked from fresh in 2 minutes 15 seconds, and with 4 per load you can produce 60-80 steaks per hour.

Technical data
Width: 525
Depth: 970
Height: 1470
KW: 9
AMP: 21
Phase / Voltage: 415v-3
Gas Hose size: 0
BTU / hr: 0
Water: 0
Waste: 0

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