Vizu Chip / Fries Dumps

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Superbly designed to eliminate hold-ups, The Vizu Fries offers convenient unloading of fried product, adequate storage, attractive visual service and...
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Super Fries

For the serious producer of French fries/chips or potato wedges! Same size and construction as the Vizu Fries but with a single dump area. This is the...
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Mega Fries

The mega fries unit is suitable for all major food chains. Amongst its unique features is an interchangeable glass and dump area / bagging rack depending...
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Located on a central service counter or in a wall aperture, the Vizu Server provides a safe, efficient method for the transfer of fried foods from kitchen...
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Free Standing Chip Dump

Small free standing chip dump with overhead heated gantry
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Adande Freezer Cabinet Base

Provides bulk freezer storage at the point of use in hot and busy kitchens No freezer burn, no clumping and no ice crystals Keeps food fresher and...
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Mega Fries Topper

Chips may be taken from cold storage, fried and then transferred to the preparation area of the EQVIMFTOPPER where they are salted and bagged. The...

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